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Upholstery cleaning is a lost art. It takes years to develop high level upholstery cleaning skills. We have been training others in the skills of fine fabric cleaning since 1995.

What’s the big deal?

While carpets are manufactured with cleaning requirements in mind, this cannot as often be said for upholstered materials. Determining the fiber content is the only means to determine a safe cleaning method for a particular material. Concerns such as bleeding, shrinkage, shine loss, texture damage etc are all concerns we can alleviate through established testing methods. A technician should be able to describe to you the results you are to expect prior to beginning any cleaning process. This is the best sign of a true professional, adept at his/her craft.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

Most carpet cleaners offer one process of cleaning whether it be a dry or wet method and we adjust that method to accommodate the 3 standard carpet materials. We have learned to adjust our one method to accommodate many styles and weaves.


In upholstery cleaning, even simply looking at those that are natural vs those that are synthetic demands two cleaning methods. We offer multiple methods and systems that allow us to properly treat and clean the wide array of materials we come across.

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