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Quick Drying Carpet Cleaning

Drying times are the single best way for a consumer to assess the quality of their carpet cleaning. First, our experience shows us that all the water we leave in the carpets after cleaning is just as dirty as what we remove. The shorter the drying time, the less of this water, detergents and soils are left in the carpet. Secondly, a lengthy drying times contributes to spots and traffic areas re-occuring quickly as well as odors developing. By developing our ‘slow and steady’ pace cleaning style, we have learned how to flush out soils and leave the carpets ‘dry to the touch’ before we leave your home.

Carpet Cleaning Spotting

Spots such as mustard, koolade, ink, pet stains, turmeric, Wine, grease etc are really quite easy to remove. Spot cleaning is not all about special chemicals or tricks. Of course we employ specialty spot removers in our process but spot cleaning is all about a process, not a magic chemical. Relying on these processes is what makes our reputation so high for removing that 2 foot mustard stain or the large pet odor in the corner.

Service & Pricing

We provide realistic pricing with no pushy sales techniques. Our entry price is our exit price. We are proudly price competitive but not cheap.


Upholstery cleaning is a lost art. It takes years to develop high level upholstery cleaning skills. We have been training others in the skills of fine fabric cleaning since 1995.

What’s the big deal?

While carpets are manufactured with cleaning requirements in mind, this cannot as often be said for upholstered materials. Determining the fiber content is the only means to determine a safe cleaning method for a particular material. Concerns such as bleeding, shrinkage, shine loss, texture damage etc are all concerns we can alleviate through established testing methods. A technician should be able to describe to you the results you are to expect prior to beginning any cleaning process. This is the best sign of a true professional, adept at his/her craft.

Most carpet cleaners offer one process of cleaning whether it be a dry or wet method and we adjust that method to accommodate the 3 standard carpet materials. We have learned to adjust our one method to accommodate many styles and weaves.

In upholstery cleaning, even simply looking at those that are natural vs those that are synthetic demands two cleaning methods. We offer multiple methods and systems that allow us to properly treat and clean the wide array of materials we come across.

Tile & Grout

Harold William Co serves the Windsor/Essex County area with professional tile and grout cleaning and restoration. We help your discoloured and dirty tile, grout and marble finishes. We always deep clean and sanitize tile and grout lines to make sure your floors, countertops, bathrooms and kitchens look immaculate.

Ceramic tile, porcelain tile and other man-made tile (and especially grout lines) occasionally need to be cleaned and maintained. In a commercial setting, the ceramic tile and porcelain tile that have textured finishes have a tendency to collect dirt in the rough areas. These tiles usually collect dirt due to improper cleaning processes and the use of improper cleaners. If you live in the Windsor/Essex area and need assistance with professional floor and hard surface cleaning, or help with your ceramic and porcelain tile and grout floors, shower walls, and other surfaces call us today. We carry a full line of cleaners and care products specifically designed to keep your tile and grout clean.

Pet Odor &
Stain Removal

Removing Pet Odors and Stains From Carpet

Our pets become family and we love them like family. However, sometimes they don’t love our carpet, furniture, or other textiles.  Treating pet odors and stains can be quite the chore for homeowners. We understand that you’re tempted to apply that new miracle product you bought from the store, but we urge you not to.

We are pet stain and pet odor removing experts and as odd as it sounds; we understand the science of removing pet odors so that we’re not simply just masking the problem. In some cases, materials such as padding, baseboards, and door trim may need to be treated or replaced if your pet favors those areas. We’d be happy to consult with you on the best approach and plan of action to remove any of your pet odor issues.

Area Rug

Oriental & Area Rugs that are found in today’s homes come in many shapes and sizes, and also vary from the materials they’re made of. We clean rugs made of cotton, silk, wool, rayon, nylon, polyester, and a mix of all of the above fiber types. We use the latest safe cleaning solutions and techniques to restore your rug’s vibrant colors, and soft feel. Your rug(s) will not only look bright and clean, but will also feel clean as well.

Our Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning Process

  • Inspection – First we will look over the rug for any damage, and determine what cleaning process is needed. For fine fabrics such as wool, silk, rayon, and cotton a more gentle but effect approach needs to be taken. However for rugs made of nylon and polyester we can be more aggressive as these materials are commonly found in wall to wall carpet.
  • Removing Dry Soil – We have a number of processes to remove dry soil from your oriental or area rug. We remove as much of this soil as possible before applying any cleaning solutions, doing so ensures a better overall cleaning.
  • Pre-Condition – We apply the proper safe cleaning solution to begin the process of breaking up the soil(s) that are embedded in the rug fibers, allowing a proper amount of dwell time to ensure maximum soil suspension.
  • Rinsing & Drying – We will thoroughly rinse away all of the suspended soil(s) and cleaning solutions from your oriental or area rug. Our technicians then quickly dry your rug to ensure no damage is done from being wet too long.
  • Post-Inspection – We’ll look over your rug to check to see if any additional treatments or spotting is needed. After we give the rug our ‘thumbs-up’ we’ll roll it up, and store it until your delivery date.