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Windsor Minor Home Repair Service

After you’ve experienced water entering your home, it’s possible that some things were removed such as drywall, baseboards, and trim to properly dry your home or business out. We offer minor home repair services in Windsor Ontario and can help you get you home back to the way is was.

Drywall Repair Services Windsor Ontario

Our repairmen have decades of combined experience in drywall repair service, installation and drywall finishes.  We provide high quality repairs and dependability unmatched by competitors. If your property has been damaged and you need drywall repair from water damage, or you want to repair drywall cracks and ceiling textures, we’re the place to call.

Painting Services Windsor Ontario

After your drywall has been repaired, new trim or baseboards installed, they’ll likely requiring painting to match the current color of the non-damaged areas. We provide painting services for these types of situations. Our trustworthy painters will provide you with excellent service and make your home seem like the damage never happened.